What to Do if Your Car Dies Unexpectedly

What to Do if Your Car Breaks DownIf you’re driving along and your vehicle suddenly dies on you, it can be extremely scary. Especially if you’re on a busy road or in a hazardous area, knowing how to respond quickly can prevent further damage and ensure you can safely get out of the way.

As soon as you feel like your car, truck, or SUV is struggling, try to make it to the shoulder or pull off the road as soon as you’re able. Even if the engine will still run once you’ve pulled over to call for help, getting out of the way can protect you from getting hit and avoid the stress of traffic piling up behind you.

Let’s say your vehicle just suddenly dies on you and there’s not even time to get out of the way. In this case, turn on your hazards as soon as possible so that other drivers know that you’re having an issue. Call for roadside assistance from your cell phone if possible so that you can get help sooner than later, especially if the engine has died and you’re stuck in extreme weather. Remember that your health is important and very hot or very cold temperatures can catch up with you quickly.

If you do have to exit the car — which is typically not advised if you’re stuck on the road — do so from whatever door is furthest from moving traffic. If you were able to get over to the right shoulder, climb out of your passenger door to avoid being side-swiped by a wayward driver. Once you’re out, move a safe distance away from the vehicle as you await help. 

When major components are impacted, it may feel very strange or even difficult to safely navigate your vehicle out of harms way. The key is to remain calm, and make your best attempt to still use proper signals and indicators so that fellow drivers can respond and know you’re under duress. Don’t push it, either. If dash lights are illuminated and you know something is wrong, don’t attempt to make it all the way home. Get off the road, and get to safety.

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