What Do Ball Joints Do?

Most of us don’t know too much when it comes to our cars; we tend to leave things like that up to the experts. However, learning about them can prepare you when situations arise on the road. While too many intricate parts work together synchronously to understand it all overnight, you can learn a little bit at a time. We’ve gone over what ball joints do here.

ball joint





What do they do?

These joints connect the control arms and steering knuckles. Their purpose involves acting as a pivot between the suspension and the wheels. 

Without a ball joint, your vehicle’s wheel alignment will get messed up. The tires can end up resting at an angle, causing extreme friction. This can result in an unintentional abrupt stop, which can prove dangerous when driving on the road.


Hopefully now you understand the basics of how your car works just a tiny bit better. Keep learning, and eventually you’ll get an overall knowledge-base. If you need ball joint repairs, or any of our other auto service, Saline Automotive can help. To find out more, drop by our shop or give us a call at (734) 429-2886.