Warning Signs You Need Tire Replacement

Tire Replacement

New Tires Are an Excellent Investment in Your Vehicle and Personal Safety.

Your tires act as one of the most important components of your vehicle. Tires that have suffered too much wear will negatively impact your fuel efficiency, and can also endanger your safety. To ensure that what rests between you and the road remains of the utmost quality, stay mindful for these needs for tire replacement.

Low Treads

The appearance of low tread on your tires should serve as a major concern. Your tire tread allows your car to grip and stay on the road. Low tread impairs this ability, and also leaves you vulnerable to blow-outs. To ensure that your treads wear evenly, have your tires rotated and replaced on a regular basis.

Warning Light

Cars built later than 2008 will have a tire warning light that indicates problems. While generally associated with tire pressure, you may not know precisely which tire has the problem. This presents an excellent opportunity to take your car to a trusted mechanic for a full review of your tires’ functionality.


Cracks can appear on your tires’ sidewalls as evidence of a need for replacement. Usually a result of hitting a curb or pothole, cracks in your tires showcase a risk for blowout. This type of damage can also appear as holes or punctures. To avoid this catastrophe, have cracked tires replaced immediately.

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