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Intake Manifolds are also sometimes called Inlet Manifolds. The cylinders in the engine are provided with the fuel and air mixture via the Intake Manifold. The Upper Manifold holds your Throttle Body and sensors and the Lower holds your fuel injectors. Come to Saline, MI for Intake Manifold Repair Service near Ann Arbor, MI for great pricing deals.

About Our Intake Manifold Shop near Ann Arbor, MI

We service imports and domestics, and all makes and models, at our auto shop - all provided at a good price. We provide Transmission Rebuilding and oil changes, and when you get your oil change service here, we will also give you a complimentary tire rotation. Get your Intake Manifold Services in Saline, MI near Ann Arbor at our shop.

Our repair shop only performs work of the highest quality. It's a source of pride that we always give our best. We look forward to showing it with each and every customer that comes in.

Are you dealing with contaminated coolant, engine rod knocking, blown head gasket, warped axle, busted radiator, damaged clutch, fuel pump failure, busted intake manifold, dirty oil, car ac malfunctioning, check engine light on, snapped timing belt, damaged transfer case, burning transmission, misaligned tires, or something else related to auto repair services? Come to Saline Auto Shop for good pricing near Ann Arbor today. We provide you with Intake Manifold service that you need.

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