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Do you need to have your transmission rebuilt? Bring your car to Saline Automotive, where we offer transmission rebuilding services. When a transmission is worn out or needs much repair, it is usually more cost effective to rebuild your existing transmission, as opposed to buying a new one.

Transmission Rebuilding Process

When your transmission is rebuilt, it is taken apart and throughly cleaned. All wearable parts, seals, rings, etc. are replaced with one parts. Anything that is worn or damaged is also replacced. Once reassembled, the clutches are air tested to ensure proper function.

Come get Saline, MI Transmission Rebuilding near Ann Arbor today!

Get a free tire rotation with your oil change! Come to our location today and take advantage of all the services and repairs we have to offer you. We do rebuilding and after you have your transmission rebuilt at our shop you can have your brakes, engine, etc. looked at. Why go anywhere else? Come to us for good pricing on Transmission Rebuilding in Saline, MI near Ann Arbor.

Are you having issues with failing fuel pump, damaged transmission, failed fuel filter, damaged oxygen sensor, damaged front end, busted radiator, loud motor mounts, damaged differential, warped axle, damaged clutch, check engine light on, coolant contamination, engine rod knocking, blown head gasket, busted catalytic converter, etc.? We have you covered with a good pricing on fixing these at Saline Auto. Visit our Transmission Shop today.

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