Top 3 Car Models for Highway Commuting

How Do They Stack Up?

For folks who spend the majority of their mornings and evenings commuting into work via Top 3 Models for Highway Commutinghighways, the biggest factor when it comes to how well a vehicle performs is generally gas mileage. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in back-to-back traffic and seeing the gas indicator light illuminate on the dash.

Various car models perform better or worse depending on whether stop-and-go stretches are on highways or within the city, so it’s very possible that the list of the best commuter vehicles would vary slightly depending on your actual drive. Regardless, MPGs are key, and it’s no surprise that the electric models are ahead of the pack.

However, it seems that there is generally a trade-off with the vehicles, be it in comfort or safety. Electric cars have gained popularity in the last few years, and more drivers are making the switch as power stations become more available and hybrid models facilitate a smooth transition from all-gas powered. But the technology on a wide scale is still relatively new (from a consumer perspective, at least), so it’ll be exciting to see what advances are on the horizon as innovation continues in the auto industry.

Top 3 Car Models with the Best Highway Mileage

  1.  BMW i3 – The most expensive of the bunch, BMW’s RWD hatchback reportedly drives sturdy and has decent pick-me-up. After a 4-hour charge (at 240 volts, mind you), the i3 can traverse an average distance of 75 miles between charges, which seems to be about the norm for electric vehicles. There’s an optional engine which can double the range, as well. // MPG: 141 Highway.
  2. Nissan Leaf – The Leaf has been extremely popular when it comes to electric vehicles, likely due to its more affordable price tag compared to the i3, as well as the trust behind the Nissan name. Also a hatchback style, the Leaf has a 75-mile range, which can be extended by an optional onboard battery to over 100 miles. Handling is OK according to reports, and crash safety results aren’t great. But for an entry-level electric, this seems to be a solid contender. // MPG: 118 Highway
  3. Mitsubishi i-MiEV – This model comes in even lower than the Leaf, price-wise, but feedback from Consumer Reports makes it clear that you get what you pay for. It’s barebones and described as a slight upgrade from a gold cart. Ouch. With a shorter range and extensive charge time, this model isn’t likely to win over any coverts. Gas mileage isn’t everything, especially if you’re looking at an hour-plus behind the wheel. // MPG: 116 Highway

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