How Do You Keep Your Tires in Good Condition?

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Why is regular tire maintenance important?

Maintaining your car’s tires is extremely important. Maintaining your tires benefits the vehicle and helps with vehicle safety. Your tires affect the vehicle’s overall ride, its handling, and braking. Regular tire service and maintenance should be concerned with more than just the tread depth, but also correct air pressure, as well as balance and alignment.

Tires that haven’t been rotated regularly or aligned or balanced regularly will wear out faster, and affect your car’s handling. You’ll also spend more replacing them more often. 

Underinflated tires pose a serious problem. Besides affecting handling, when your tires are underinflated, you are more likely going to have a blowout on the road. A blowout can damage your rims and undercarriage, but also puts you and other drivers in danger of crashing. Underinflated tires will also affect your mileage and will wear out faster than those with adequate tire pressure.

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What is proper tire maintenance?

Proper tire maintenance recommendations consist of several tire services, including checking the tire pressure, inspecting the tires for damage, rotating the tires about every 6,000 miles, and keeping them balanced and aligned.

Tire tips for maintenance

Tire maintenance car: Here are some tips for tire maintenance.

  • Check tire pressure monthly and before making long trips: The psi, or pounds per square inch, should match the recommended pressure in the owner’s manual.
  • Check tread depth regularly: Use a tread depth gauge or test with a penny. With a penny test, you have enough tread if any part of Abe Lincoln’s head is covered by the tread. Below that, or 2/32 of an inch and the tread needs to be replaced.
  • Rotate the tires every 6,0000 to 8,000 miles: Rotation prevents the tires from wearing out too quickly. It can be done when you get an oil change and is often provided free as a courtesy service.
  • Check alignment: If you’ve hit a sizable object, see a wear pattern or notice a difference in handling, the alignment should be checked, and adjusted if necessary. When checking alignment you may want to check your wheel bearings, because the bearings can affect handling as well. 
  • Get the tires balanced: If you are experiencing problems with handling or feel vibration, the tires may need to be balanced.

These tire service tips will work for cars and trucks equally.

How many miles should a good set of tires last?

With good care, a new set of tires should last about 50,000 miles. How long the tires last will also depend on how the car is driven, as well as regular maintenance. Driving regularly on underinflated tires will shorten the tire’s lifespan, and possibly lead to a blowout or other problems. This will also lower your gas mileage. Tires bear the brunt of the weight of the vehicle and the load. Overloading the vehicle regularly and driving it will wear out the tires sooner. Regular maintenance, especially tire rotation and maintaining tire pressure, will preserve the tires much longer.

How many years will tires last?

How long your tires last depends primarily on the mileage and care. Most tires should last about 50,000 miles and on average most drivers put about 12,000 to14,000 miles a year on their vehicles. Regular tire service and maintenance should be performed to preserve your tires. This averages to about three or four years before the tires need to be replaced. But, putting less mileage on the vehicle will not necessarily make the tires last longer and aging tires, no matter the level of tread on them, are not always safe to drive on. That’s because as the rubber in the tire ages it becomes prone to damage like cracking. Cracks in the tires over time can eventually lead to separation of the steel belts in the tread. Poor maintenance and heat speed up this process.

How often car tires should be changed?

While the average life expectancy for a set of tires is somewhere between 25,000 and 50,000 miles, replacement will depend on how you drive and how much maintenance you provide to your tires. With regular tire service, your tires should last a long time. Your owner’s manual is probably the best resource to help you determine when your tires need to be replaced.  

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