Tire Rotation in Your Regular Maintenance Plan

car rims and wheelsAs you turn, brake, and coast, the rubber on your tires sloughs off and your tires sustain wear. By regularly servicing your tires, you are able to reduce the rate at which they wear and thus allow them to last longer. So you can remember to include tire rotation as part of your regular maintenance regimen, we walk through some of the safety and mechanical advantages here.

Your tires perform different jobs based on their position on your vehicle. The front tires in a front wheel drive car are responsible for acceleration and steering, so these tires unsurprisingly wear down at a quicker rate than the rear tires. How quickly your tires wear out will depend on the configuration of your car (front, rear, or all wheel drive) and your driving style, but rotating your tires to different locations will help your tires wear at a more even rate and thus allow them to last longer. 

Tires are typically rotated by swapping the front tires to the back, but some manufacturers recommend specific patterns in which to rotate tires. A quick conversation with our expert mechanics can help clear up any of your questions on tire rotation: call us today at 734-429-2886 to schedule your tire rotation and routine maintenance!