The Differences Between Qualities of Motor Oils

The Differences Between Qualities of Motor Oils

Oil changes are extremely important for the over all health of your engine and vehicle. Dirty motor oil can cause serious harm to your engine. Oil changes are simple and affordable auto service that should be done every 5,000 miles. Every time you get your oil changed your always asked, “What quality of motor oil do you want?”. Here are some of the difference between the qualities and types of motor oils.

Mineral Motor Oils

Draining Motor OilMineral motor oil is the least expensive motor oil option on the market. It’s made and refined from crude oil. Most mineral oils will perform fine with most everyday vehicles. High-end performance and luxury vehicles almost never use mineral motor oils because they don’t last as long or perform as a well as the higher quality motor oils.

Synthetic and Blend Oils

Motor Oil ReFillSynthetic oils are the most expensive and highest preforming motor oils on the market. They have better lubrication, flow more freely at extremely low temperatures and don’t break down as easily at high temperatures like mineral or synthetic blend oils. Synthetic blend oils are mixture of mineral and synthetic oils. Blend oils are in the middle of the performance and cost spectrum. Both synthetic and synthetic blend oils last longer and perform better than mineral motor oil.