Tesla Surprises in Safety Tests

Tesla has gotten a lot of press recently, it seems, as they have bounced back from a rough couple of years and have begun to turn a profit as the Model S has begun to ship to eagerly waiting customers – some of whom have been waiting years for their car.

The wait, however, appears to have been worth it. Tesla’s reign as the king of the electric cars is probably the first thing people think of when they hear the name, but over the weekend they added another impressive stat to their resume.

Their Model S scored the highest score ever recorded in terms of crash safety. The unique engineering of the electric car has actually allowed it to be built in such a way that is able to better handle impacts.

For example, without the traditional combustion motor up from, there is more space to design a crumpling zone, which lessens the shock on the passengers in a head on collision. Also interesting, the heavy batteries mounted in the car make it very difficult to flip.

It will be interesting to see where the future of Tesla, and the car industry in general is headed, but until then, if you need any repairs on your good old gasoline car, you can always count on being able to bring it to Saline Auto!