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Sway Bar Repair Service in Saline, MI

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Your sway bar is part of your suspension system and it puts up a resistance to rolling whenever your automobile is making a turn, hence the other name for it, Anti-Roll Bar. It is also known as a stabilizer bar and the first patent for it was in 1919, claimed by S. L. C. Coleman. Come to Saline, MI near Ann Arbor for Sway Bar Service. Look for our coupon discounts at our shop.

Anti-Roll & Stabilizer Shop near Ann Arbor, MI

We provide service for imports and domestics and we will work on any make or model. We do transmission rebuilding here at our shop and provide coupon discounts. You can get a free tire rotation with your oil change service here. Our Stabilizer and Anti-Roll bar repairs from our ASE Certified mechanics are the finest in town. So, come to get Sway Bar Repair Service in Saline, MI near Ann Arbor.

Are you experiencing issues such as snapped timing belt, blown head gasket, engine rod knocking, failing fuel filter, failed fuel pump, damaged front end, failing fuel pump, worn shocks, worn struts, slipping transmission, transmission sticking, damaged intake manifold, warped axle, thermostat stuck open, thermostat stuck closed, check engine light on, or similar problems? Come get these fixed at Saline Auto Shop and get a discount coupon near Ann Arbor, MI. We will also work on your sway bar. Don't trust the amateurs, come see the pros at Saline Automotive!

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