Signs That You Need Suspension Repair

Have you noticed your car pulling when you turn? Does the road seem bumpier or rougher than usual? These signs may indicate that you need suspension repair. Watch out for these common warning signs!

Rough Ride

suspension repairOne of the most common signs that you need suspension repair is worn shocks or struts. You’ll likely begin to notice a rougher ride, feeling every bump and pothole more. Not only is this annoying and unpleasant, but it can lead to other suspension and tire problems.

Uneven Tire Wear

Your tires can tell you a lot about your vehicle, such as if the pressure is right or if your wheels are out of alignment. They can also reveal problems with you suspension. Watch out for signs of “cupping” or “scalloping” which looks like a series of hills and valleys. This kind of damage occurs when your car bounces from worn suspension components as it drives and can lead to expensive tire damage.

Nosedives When Stopping

When you brake firmly, does your car lurch forward or “nosedive?” This is a dangerous problem due to worn out shocks or struts, which can severely reduce your stopping ability. You should see a mechanic as soon as possible to fix this problem!

Clanking Or Knocking Noises

Odd noises are never a good sign and should be checked out immediately. If you start to notice a clanking or knocking noises from beneath your vehicle, especially when turning, you may need ball joint or control arm repair. You may also hear this noise when you go over a bump or pothole, which might indicate that your springs are worn out.

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