Standard Maintenance & Services

Man Working On Engine

Let Our Professional Mechanics Take Car Of Your Vehicle.

Owning a vehicle comes with a lot of responsibility. Not just for being on the road and the safety aspect, but actually having to take care of and keep your car running can be a lot of work. Taking your vehicle to get maintenance done on it when it is time, is something that you can do to make sure it is going to continue to run the way it should. Here at Saline and Ann Arbor, MI on your car that you can depend on, call 734-429-2886 for our experts.

Oil Change Services

Is it time for you to get your oil change service? Some cars have to get an oil change every 3,000 miles, but a lot of cars these days can really wait until between 5,000 to 7,000 miles, but for the best results you should consult the owner’s manual. Another way to get dependable answers on when your oil should be changed is to contact Saline Automotive Service and let us give you a straight answer. If you ever have a question of if you think you should get your oil changed or not, just check your oil dipstick and see if the oil is low. If you have questions about doing that, give us a call at 734-429-2886 and we would be more than happy to help you or schedule an appointment to take a look ourselves. Getting your oil changed is one of the most important things that you can do for your vehicle. If you do not get it changed, the oil will run out and your engine can lock up and become completely unusable and if you have ever had any major engine work down, you know that it is very expensive. When it is time for you to have your vehicle’s oil changed in Saline and Ann Arbor, MI, make sure you get ahold of us and we can get you in and out in no time at all.

Check Engine Light Diagnostic

Check Engine Light Diagnostic

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Lights Tell You That Something Is Not Right With Your Vehicle.

Is your check engine light coming on in your vehicle? Our mechanics can take a look at it for you at our shop and give you a coupon discount. Sometimes the problem is something as simple as the fuel cap being loose. Other times it could the oxygen sensor and if that is having problems then it could lead to catalytic converter damage. Check engine lights come on for a number of reasons. If you are driving for a long time and it suddenly comes on, but nothing appears to be wrong, it may not be a big deal and can usually be fixed rather easily. If a light comes on after you have been hearing noises or you begin to smell things like burning fuel or coolant, come in right away because that could be a sign that something serious is wrong. In order to avoid further or permanent damage, you should get your vehicle into a mechanic shop like Saline Automotive Service right away to have the problems resolved. Give us a call at 734-429-2886 if you would like to come in or schedule an appointment.

Evap Leak Emissions Repair

Evap Leak Emissions Repair

Gas Cap

If Your Check Engine Light Comes On, Check Your Gas Cap.

When gas escapes from your fuel system in your car or auto that is what EVAP emissions are. The fuel systems of cars have been fully sealed since 1971. A typical EVAP leak is when something goes wrong in the evaporative emission control system. The main function of an EVAP is keeping the gas fumes inside of the fuel tank and not leaving. A few ways to know that something is wrong with the EVAP is that the check engine light will come on. This is usually the first sign that you are in the beginning stages of a problem. Usually, you can just check to make sure that your gas cap is on correctly because many times a check engine light will get thrown if the cap is not on all of the way. There may also be a leak which will throw a check engine light as well. Your best bet is to check the gas cap and if that does not make it go away, give us a call at 734-429-2886 and we will be able to check it out for you.

Fuel Filter Service

Fuel Filter Service

Man Holding Fuel Filter

Fuel Filters Keep Out Dirt And Other Debris From Your Fuel.

Is your fuel system full of contaminants? The job of your fuel filter is to keep out dust, rust, and other contaminants from the inside of your fuel system. If fuel becomes contaminated, permanent damage could be done to your fuel system. The fuel filters main job is to protect your engine from the bad things that can come through and get into your fuel. If debris get into the engine of your car it can begin to wear on the engine and mess up the entire system. By making sure that you have the fuel filter replaced when you get your oil changed, you are keeping your fuel and your vehicle running its very best. You may not realize how easily contaminants like rust, paint chips, and even dirt, can get into your fuel and mess up your car before you know it. Clean air filters will also help you with your gas mileage as well. When you are scheduling your oil change in Saline and Ann Arbor, MI, make sure you give us a call at 734-429-2886 and we can go over the importance of air filters with you.

Fuel Pump Repair

Fuel Pump Repairs

Fuel Pump

If Your Fuel Pump Starts To Go Out, Give Us a Call.

In older cars there was no need for a fuel pump since gravity just did its job and the fuel was fed that way. However, with the advent of the fuel pump, there is now more flexibility for the fuel tank placement. Most vehicles need a fuel pump because it is essential for the, to work properly without one. Some vehicles don’t need them, like older motorcycles because gravity can still do the work fine on those. These pumps have to be done within very specific specifications in order for everything to work correctly. For example, when the fuel pressure is high, the engine does not run rich enough and is efficient. When the pressure is too low, it will run much more lean and can actually cause the engine to misfire and stall out. It needs to be just right. The professionals here at Saline Automotive Service will be able to do that for you so that you don’t have any issues down the road and you know that it is done correctly. Give us a call at 734-429-2886 and we can get you in to get it fixed or installed the right way.

Light Bulb Replacement

Light Bulb Replacement

Tail Light

Driving Around With a Broken Tail Light Is Illegal.

Are your headlights having problems in your vehicle or automobile? Sometimes if they are flickering on and off randomly while you are driving it could just be an alternator problem. If they go out completely, we have the parts to get those replaced. Instead of having to worry about finding the right bulbs to replace the old ones and then tearing out your lights to replace them, give us a call at 734-429-2886 and we can go ahead and do it for you. Get pulled over for a tail light that has gone out? Come to us and we will get it replaced so that you are on your way again without any troubles. Light bulbs go out on vehicles all of the time or they end up damaged due to accidents or time. The problem is usually as simple as it seems, but sometimes there is more to the problem. If you need a light bulb replacement in Saline and Ann Arbor, MI, call our mechanics and we will get you in right away to have them replaced.