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Old and worn out serpentine belts can lead to bigger problems.

saline serpentine belt

You may know about some of the more important components under the hood of your car. Things like the water pump, AC compressor, and the alternator are all vital to the health of your car. All of these things are power by the Serpentine Belt. If a belt ever starts to become loose, slip, or, worst case scenario, it breaks entirely, you car is going to run in to some issues, and possibly stop entirely. If you've been looking for a replacement serpentine belt in Saline, MI, then come by our shop!

Unlike some other belts, the serpentine belt is easy enough to spot and take a quick visual inspection of. Pop the hood and locate the belt on which ever make of car you have. Once you find it, you should be able to inspect it for things like cracks, frayed ends, or missing chucnks and pieces. Any of those things are signs that it's time to replace the belt with a new one. You don't want to wait until the belt snaps, because it could leave you in quite a stick situation if it were to go while you were driving.

Other than a visual check up, maybe the best way to determine if your belt is going bad is to listen. A loose belt is going to create a loud squealing sound due to it slipping over the gears. If you hear those kinds of noises, it's definitely time to get your serpentine belt, or some other belt, replaced.

Saline Automotive provides expert auto repair at an honest price. Come by our shop in Saline, MI for serpentine belt replacements. You can always give us a call or come to the shop, and our technicians will be happy to answer any questions you have!

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