Saving Your Transmission

Nobody likes taking their car in for repairs. We all need it to function normally in the world nowadays, so the thought of it not working scares us. Well, with a little basic knowledge, you can keep on the look out for problems that might end up taking your vehicle off the road. Here, we’ll go over a little bit about your transmission, and the important of saving it from damage.

picture of transmission




Importance of your transmission:

Internal combustion engines can put out a lot of power, but you don’t need it to run full force all the time. Your transmission controls the amount of power your ICE puts into your wheels. Most cars now have automatic transmissions, which control your engine’s output based on the speed of your car.

Repairs for this part generally cost a lot of money. Because of this, if you notice something like gear slipping, you should take your car to get checked out immediately. If it has sustained damage, you want to repair it as fast as possible.


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