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The Brake Pads are located in the calipers of disc brakes. The pads are steel plates. The two braking pads are clamped together in the rotor of the wheel to slow the vehicle down and eventually stop it. Come to Saline, MI to get your Brake Pad Replacement Service near Ann Arbor, MI and get a coupon discount at our auto repair shop.

About Our Brake Pad Shop near Ann Arbor, MI

Our mechanics are ASE Certified and are more than happy to help you out with your brake pad replacement needs. Come to get our Brake Pad Repair Services near Ann Arbor, MI at Saline. Our mechanics perform various assortments of services including transmission rebuilding. Come get an oil change service and get a free tire rotation to go with it.

Are you dealing with things such as loud motor mount, failing oxygen sensor, coolant contamination, worn brakes, malfunctioning air conditioner, dirty oil, worn shocks, worn struts, tire misalignment, worn brake pads, rattling wheel bearings, damaged front end, worn ball joints, timing belt slipping, blown head gasket, engine rod knocking, damaged sway bar, or things such as that? Come to Saline Auto Shop for coupon discounts on your brake pad repair service and more.

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