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U Joint Repair & Replacement in Saline, MI

u joint repair saline

The U Joint, short for Universal Joint, is a very important component to your car's driveshaft as it allows the transfer of energy from one axle to another at any angle. A bad U joint isn't something you'll want to ignore, because if it fails or breaks, you'll find yourself stuck. If you need U Joint repair in Saline, come by our shop to talk with one of our technicians!

If you're feeling up to inspecting the U joint yourself, you'll have to get underneath your car. The connection should have absolutely no slack or wiggle room. Because the axle spins so rapidly when you're driving, any slack will cause the joint to vibrate and wobble, especially at high speeds. This rattling will just deteriorate the joint even faster.

Saline automotive know how important you car is in your daily life, so we treat each service with care and consideration. If you're looking for somewhere in Saline for a U joint replacement, or any other auto repair, then don't hesitate to give us a call or swing by the shop; we're always happy to help!

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