What Is an O2 Sensor, Anyway?

O2 SensorOftentimes, when your engine begins to act up, you will hear that you have a bad O2 sensor. This is because your O2 sensors actually help your vehicle adjust its fuel to run correctly. Therefore, it affects a great many systems on your vehicle. But, what is an O2 sensor? And why does it have such an effect on your vehicle?

O2 Sensors, Explained

Your O2 sensor (Oxygen Sensor) is your vehicle’s main way of monitoring the fuel and oxygen mixture level in your vehicle. When your vehicle runs too lean, your car is not getting enough fuel in the fuel/oxygen mixture. Likewise, if it’s running too rich, it’s getting too much fuel in its mixture level. Your vehicle will automatically adjust its fuel/oxygen level to accommodate the engine’s needs.

What Does This Mean for Your Vehicle?

When you have an O2 sensor that is not working properly, your vehicle could end up with too rich or too lean of a fuel mixture. Not enough oxygen in your engine affects the coolant system as well as the power system. Too little oxygen can cause what’s known as choking, which means that your engine and coolant system are not receiving the proper amount of airflow for combustion or cooling. Too much air means that there isn’t enough fuel for the combustion to work properly and you will feel hesitation or lack of power in your engine.

Ensuring that your O2 sensors are working properly is imperative for your coolant system ass well as your combustion system which gives your vehicle its power. When you think your O2 sensors may be out of whack or your car seems to be running rougher than usual, give the experts at Saline Automotive a call at (734) 429-2886 to inspect, diagnose and repair your system.