Making Your Mileage Last

cars on highwayWith the price of gas in a constant, unpredictable flux, drivers are taking extra steps to help their cars take them farther. Here we offer a few quick, simple tips that all drivers can put to use. Simple, common maintenance and safe driving keep your car running smoothly and take you farther on the same amount of gasoline.


Use your car manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil – a brief search can help you discover what grade that is. This step can improve fuel efficiency by 1-2%. While it may seem small, these savings quickly add up over time.

Check your tire pressure once a month. Properly inflated tires are critical for safety as well as gas mileage. Over or under-inflated tires put you at higher risk for a flat, unnecessarily wears out your tires, and adds an extra workload to your car which decreases mileage.

Driving Tips

Follow the speed limit. It is in place for your safety and the safety of others on the road – not merely a suggestion to hamper your fun. While following the speed limit promotes safety, it also helps preserve your gas mileage – most cars achieve optimal mileage between 45 and 60 mph, so staying in this sweet spot on roads with this speed limit will help your car perform at the pump.

To further improve mileage and practice safe driving, drive calmly and avoid rapid acceleration and frequent braking. This will help you respond to traffic conditions and improve both highway and city miles per gallon.

For additional tune ups and professional car service, call Saline Automotive at (734) 429-2886. With 613 deaths so far on Michigan roads this year, we implore you – drive safely and keep your car properly maintained!