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Saline, MI - Lexus Service near Ann Arbor

Lexus Repair Service near Ann Arbor, MI

Lexus is the luxury division that is owned by Toyota Motor Corporation. In 1989 was when the division was first made available to the United States of America. Over 70 countries are currently offering Lexus automobiles. Come to Saline, MI for your Lexus Mechanic Service near Ann Arbor, MI. At our Saline Auto Shop we provide the finest repairs for your car such as transmission repair.

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Do you need a place that you can get a free tire rotation with your oil change? We provide that at our shop that has been around since 2001 providing fine mechanics repair services such as Transmission Rebuilding, Fuel Filter, Tire Sales, Ball Joints, Wheel Bearings, Clutch, Headlights & Taillights, Axle, Radiator, Air Conditioning (A/C), and more! Why go anywhere else?

Are you noticing problems such as damaged fuel pump, warped axle, malfunctioning air conditioner (AC), busted radiator, engine rod knocking, overheating engine, blown head gasket, engine stalling, transmission burning, coolant contamination, worn shocks & struts, bouncing suspension system, rattling wheel bearing, worn ball joints, worn tires, or other things of that nature. We have Repairs for Lexus in Saline, MI near Ann Arbor.

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