Let Old Tires Die: When to Replace Tires

It’s tough to let go of your old, faithful tires. Driving on worn-down tires can be dangerous, but not everyone knows when to replace them. Use the following tips to help you know when to replace tires on your vehicle.

Ways to Tell Your Tires are Too Worn

Woman with Penny and Tire

The Penny Test is an Easy Way to Check the Tread of Your Tires.

Abraham Lincoln. The penny method is probably the most popular tread test around. Take a penny and place inside the tread of your tires. For tires where Abe Lincoln’s head is completely visible, your tread is just fine! If Lincoln starts to disappear into your tire (if any part of his head is obscured), that tire is too worn. It’s time to replace it.

The Bar Test. Some newer tire models will actually tell you when it’s time to replace them. Take another look at your tire tread. New models have a bar that appears perpendicular to the tread when it has become too worn. If you spot multiple bars on your tire, talk to a mechanic about getting them replaced.

Sidewall Symptoms. Take a moment to examine the side of your tire. Do you any ridges or bulges forming in the sidewall? These are telltale signs of breakdown, and you need to replace this tire immediately. Don’t wait for a blowout to tell you otherwise.

Follow these steps and you’ll have a good idea whether or not it’s time to buy some replacement tires. Do you think it may be time to replace tires on your car? Play it safe. Talk to one of our experts at (734) 429-2886.