Leaking Car Fluid: Colors You Don’t Want to See

Oil Leak

Oil May Turn Strange Colors on the Ground, But it Usually Appears Brown as It Drips.

The simple truth is…car’s leak fluid every day! Most of the time it’s not a problem; cars often leak transparent break fluid that’s the result of condensation. However, if you spot one of these three colors of leaking car fluid, watch out! You need to speak with your mechanic.

Leak Color #1: Pink

When you spot pink fluid dripping from your car, you’ll need to get your car serviced quickly. This is typically a sign that either your transmission or steering fluid has a leak. This can greatly affect your ability to maneuver on the road, so take it very seriously.

Leak Color #2: Green

You might be alarmed if you spot green fluid leaking from your car, but this fluid isn’t anything too fantastic. It’s simply antifreeze slipping out of your vehicle, typically the result of improperly attached hosing, clamps or other fittings. It can however, be the result of a hole in your radiator. Whatever the issue, your mechanic should be able to diagnose the problem and provide you with a fix.

Leak Color #3: Yellow

Radiator fluid helps your vehicle cool itself as your drive throughout the day. Without this yellow fluid, your engine will quickly overheat, wear itself out, and even shut down. That’s why you should take it seriously if you spot yellow fluid leaking out of your vehicle. Tell your mechanic about it.

The only fluid you want to see leaking out of your vehicle is transparent condensation. If you have questions about a fluid leak or another issue with your car, you are welcome to talk to our experts at 734-429-2886.