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Hyundai owns almost 35% of Kia. Kia is actually the second largest automobile producer in South Korea after Hyundai. "To arise from the world from Asia" is what Kia actually means in Korean. Come get your Saline, MI Kia Repair Service near Ann Arbor, MI at Saline Auto Shop via our fine mechanics. We can provide you with the repairs you require such as engine & brakes.

Our Kia Shop

What kind of services are you looking for regarding your Kia? We do transmission rebuilding here at our mechanic shop. Here is just a small listing of what we can provide for you at our location in Saline, MI near Ann Arbor:

Are you dealing with blown head gasket, engine rod knocking, bouncing suspension, transmission slipping, sticking transmission, front end damage, busted radiator, coolant contamination, damaged fuel filter, damaged fuel pump, warped flywheel, dirty brake fluid, contaminated transmission fluid, malfunctioning car air conditioner, or something else like that regarding your Kia? We have the best Kia Repair Service Mechanics in Saline, MI near Ann Arbor. Come out to our Saline Auto Shop today!

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