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Jeep was the first company to produce off-road and SUV automobiles. Jeep is an American company that got the idea to make the type of cars it does from military designs. Chrysler Group LLC owns the rights to Jeep. Come get your Jeep Repair Services in Saline, MI near Ann Arbor, MI. Get Engine work and fixes here at our Saline Auto Shop. Why go anywhere else?

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What kind of repair do you need for your Jeep? We offer Engine, Radiator, Transmission Rebuilding, Motor Mount, Fuel Filter, Front End, Headlights & Taillights, Fuel Pump, Sway Bars, Tire Rotation, and more. We have ASE Certified Mechanics here at our shop that has been around since 2001. You can get a free tire rotation with your oil change, too. Come near Ann Arbor; come to Saline, MI.

Are you noticing engine stalling, overheating engine, fuel pump damage, damaged headlights & taillights, transmission slipping, sticking clutch, tire misalignment, worn brake pads, blown head gasket, engine rod knocking, damaged flywheel, malfunctioning air conditioner, fuel pump failure, damaged front end, damaged car thermostat, damaged differential, or something else? Get your Saline, MI Jeep Mechanic Service from us today at Saline Auto Shop.

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