Is your automobile ready to travel?

winter-249879_640Traveling for the holidays to meet friends and family can be fun. You pack your car full of presents and suitcases and head out on your road trip with hot chocolate while singing a Charlie Brown Christmas Carol. Little Suzy is laughing in the back seat while Timmy makes funny faces and then BAM! You get a blow out and you’re stuck on the side of the road putting on your spare tire (if you have one), and now you’re cold and wet from the snow. Now you’re in a bad mood because you think you have frost bite, the kids are crying and your wife is nagging you because you didn’t prepare the family automobile for the trip.

Bring your vehicle by Saline Automotive so we can thoroughly inspect your tires for tread, low fluids, and overall condition of the family car before you find yourself stuck on the side of the road standing in knee-high snow. We will make sure your automobile is safe for you and your family before you set out on your holiday adventure.

Call us or stop by today for one of our professionals at Saline Automotive to perform a detailed overview on your automobile.