Crisis Mode – How to Handle a Highway Tire Blowout

Tire Blowout

Your Normal Gut Reaction Could Make a Bad Situation Worse! Know What Not to Do During a Tire Blowout!

A tire blowout is one of the most dangerous, unnerving emergencies you can face out on the road. It’s not just the shocking feeling of your tire exploding, it’s also where the crisis occurs. Considering tire blowouts tend to occur out on the highway, a split second reaction can be the difference between safety and serious injury. Today, we’ll ensure that you’re prepared in case this ever happens with your vehicle.

Are Tire Blowouts Dangerous?

This may sound like an obvious question. Of course tire blowouts are dangerous, but not everyone treats them that way when it comes to maintaining their tires. Regularly scheduled maintenance and simple D.I.Y. tire inspections can help you avoid the majority of tire-related emergencies. As we’ve discussed in a previous blog post, the following signs will let you know if your tires need replacement.  

  • Overly Worn Tread
  • Cracked Sidewalls
  • Ridges or Bulges in the Sidewalls
  • Tires are Past Expiration Date

Pay close attention to these symptoms. FYI: your tire’s expiration date is located on the sidewall next to the rims.

What is the Leading Causes of Tire Failure?

While most tires fail because of under-inflation, there are several potential causes. The impact trauma of slamming against a curb can cause an immediate or delayed blowout, as can a serious cut or puncture.

Here’s how you should respond:

  1. Gently Push the Accelerator (Do NOT Slam on the Brakes)
  2. Keep Going Straight as You Slow Down (Even if Your Steering is Pulling to the Side)
  3. Once You’ve Come to a Safe Speed, Slowly Pull to the Side of the Road
  4. Apply Your Spare Tire

It may be difficult, but going straight will prevent your car from rolling over at high speed. Your car will not speed up with a broken tire, but the accelerator will help you maintain your direction.

Need Replacement Tires? Give Us a Call!

Once you’ve put on the spare tire, make sure you find a replacement quickly. Spare tires are only meant to be used for up to 70 miles of driving at 50mph speeds (maximum). If you find yourself in need of replacement tires in Saline, MI or another city close by, feel free to contact our Saline Automotive Service team at 734-429-2886.