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GMC has very similar to trucks to Chevrolet, but a few differences exist such as the grills are different. The founder of GMC is William Durant. GMC owns Chevy and Pontiac and Chevrolet is its biggest seller. Come get your GMC Repairs in Saline, MI near Ann Arbor, MI today. We also provide Radiator Repair Service via our mechanics at Saline Auto Shop.

GMC Repair Shop Info near Ann Arbor, MI

We have been around since 2001 and we have ASE Certified Mechanics for your GMC services. If you get an oil change, you get a free tire rotation. We service both imports and domestics. We are located in Saline, MI near Ann Arbor, MI. We do transmission rebuilding, alternator, radiator, air conditioning (AC), fuel pump, shocks & struts, oil change, sway bar, transfer case, etc. Come to us today about your GMC work.

Are you noticing issues such as damaged radiator, busted motor mount, broken differential, failed fuel pump, failing fuel filter, worn brake pads, blown head gasket, dirty oil, slipped timing belt, worn shocks, worn struts, suspension system excessive swaying, bouncing suspension system, tire misalignment, transmission slipping, sticking transmission, or more? Come to us for your Saline, MI GMC Repair Service near Ann Arbor, MI.

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