Ford Recall for Faulty Halfshafts

Ford has issued a recall for over 83,000 Tauruses and other Ford vehicles. The issue with the Tauruses is with their halfshafts. The halftshaft retention circlip that wasn’t properly installed.

The default can cause the halfshafts to move and disengage fully from the linkshaft while driving.  If the halfshaft disengages while driving, power from the engine will no longer be transmitted to the wheels.This problem can drastically increase the chance of an accident. If the vehicle is parked when the halfshaft disengages, the vehicle can roll away. A vehicle rolling away can cause harm to bystanders and property.

Vehicles affected by this defect are:

2012-2014 Ford Edge crossovers

2012-2014 Lincoln MKX crossovers

2013-2014 Ford Taurus sedans

2013-2014 Lincoln MKS sedans

2013-2014 Ford Flex vehicles

2013-2014 Lincoln MKT vehicles

If you drive any of this vehicles, have them serviced immediately at a local dealership or auto repair shop. These problem can occur with out prior warning and should be addressed as soon as possible.