Saline, MI near Ann Arbor, MI has Ford Repair Service

Ford Repair Services in Ann Arbor, MI

Ford Repair Service in Saline, MI near Ann Arbor

The Ford Motor Company was started by the legendary Henry Ford in 1903 after he abandoned his old company which became Cadillac. Assembly line production was made famous by Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company. Come get your Ford Repairs in Saline, MI near Ann Arbor by our mechanics and receive such services as brakes.

About Our Ford Service Shop in Saline, MI

Come get your transmission rebuilt here at Saline Auto Shop via our mechanics. We have the Saline, MI services & Ford Repairs near Ann Arbor that you need, so why wait? We offer things such as radiator, brakes, coolant flush, clutch repair, o2 sensor emissions, fuel pump, brake pads, head gasket, shocks & struts, tire sales, and more! Come to us for whatever it is you need regarding your Ford.

We have what you need near Ann Arbor, MI at Saline! Are you finding issues with your Ford such as damaged A/C, worn ball joints, wheel bearing rattling, dirty oil, stalling engine, engine overheating, worn brake pads, blown head gasket, tire misalignment, damaged sway bar, slipped timing belt, damaged clutch, loud motor mount, damaged fuel filter, warped axle, or something else? We have what you need here at Saline Auto Shop via our mechanics.

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