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With more and more focus being put on how much emissions cars produce now, it's more important than ever to be sure that your exhaust and emissions system is working properly, and an important part of that is the EGR Valve. That stands for exhaust gas recirculation valve. What is does is reduce the amount of emissions by allowing a certain amount of the exhaust gasses to be passed through the combustion chamber a second time to more completely burn any remiaining gasoline fumes. This reduces nitrogen emissions as well as helping with fuel efficiency. If you need an EGR valve replacement in Saline, then give us a call at our shop!

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Most times, when you run across a probelm with your emissions, it will trigger a check engine light, so that's one way to tell when the EGR valve is bad. If your EGR valve is stuck or broken, it's definitely something you're going to want to get taken care of. Emissions issuse only tend to get worse with time and begin to affect other parts of the car, and the loss of gas mileage will become noticeable. By ignoring a bad EGR valve, you're just going to spending more money in the long run.

On top of hurting your emissions and gas efficiency, a stuck or broken EGR valve can cause a rough idle in your car or truck and can also make your acceleration feel jumpy or shuddering. Don't let these problem compound, come to Saline Auto in Ann Arbor for EGR valve replacement and repairs by our expert mechanics. As always, you can stop by the shop or call if you have any questions!

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