Does My Car Need an Oil Change?

Oil ChangeAt one time, the general consensus was that cars should change oil every 3,000 miles. With advancements in auto mechanics and technology, cars today can go a good 7,000 miles before requiring another oil change. If your vehicle is due in the Saline, MI area near Ann Arbor, MI, call us now at (734) 429-2886. We offer oil change services to vehicles of all types. In the meantime, be on the lookout of these indicators that you need an oil change immediately:

Engine Noises

Tick, tick, tick… that’s the sound of your engine asking for oil. If you notice a distinct ticking sound, or perhaps more of a knocking sound, your vehicle might be due for a sudden oil change. The origin of the sound stems from parts of the car’s interior grinding against one another. Without proper oil levels for lubrication, engine sounds may become clearly audible.

Light Indicator

Many vehicles now have a low oil light indicator. If you notice an activated light near your dashboard it may very well be the oil light. In this case, you know for sure that your car should go to the shop immediately. You can get a quick oil change, and be able to drive without the annoyance of the light, as well as with the peace of mind of knowing your oil has recently been changed.

Low Oil Level

Open your hood and check the level of your oil. If the level reads below full under the dipstick, your car should come into the shop today. Driving with low oil causes other parts of your engine to grind against one another. The oil normally serves as a lubricant that protects against degradation and corrosion. Save yourself further damage by contacting Saline Automotive today.