Customer Reviews

  • “Our two cars have gotten to the age where they need more tinkering and replacement parts. We are so glad we decided to give Scott a try.”
  • “Saline Automotive Services is located in downtown Saline, just west of the main intersection of Main Street (US-12) and Ann Arbor-Saline Road.”
  • “Scott is a parts expert. He is great at explaining what’s wrong and how to fix it.”
  • “Saline Automotive doesn’t have a shuttle vehicle, but they offer you a loaner car, which might be even better.”
  • “Since it’s a smaller sized shop, don’t expect to just show up out of the blue. It’s best to call a day or two ahead so that the work can be scheduled. You can leave the car any time–even at night–because there is a drop off box. Inside the box, you’ll find an envelope with a pen and a form to explain the symptoms. Put the key in the envelope along with your info and let it slide into the box, where it’s safe.”
  • “Because Saline Automotive shares a parking lot with a church (my church!) they ask that you pick up your car promptly on weekends since the church might have an event that causes the parking lot to fill to capacity. Insider Tip: Usually, if there is going to be a big event, you’ll see a portable sign for it on the front lawn of the church. But not always, so keep that in mind when figuring out when to pick up your car.”
  • “I feel very confident that the guys will fix what needs fixing and keep our cars running fine.”- MaryLiz S. from Saline Michigan
  • “Scott’s prices are awesome. When Goodyear quoted $515, Scott’s guys fixed it for $299.”

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