Common Exhaust Problems

Tailpipes deliver the exhaust away from your vehicle. Saline Auto RepairThe exhaust system is an unassuming, but vital component of your vehicle. Having a healthy exhaust system is important both in terms of fuel efficiency and overall performance, but environmental and personal safety. If your exhaust system is allowed to suffer from wear and tear, harmful fumes could potentially flow into your vehicle’s cabin and pose serious health hazards to your and your passengers. Below we will explore some of the more common problems with exhaust systems so you can make an accurate assessment of your vehicle’s health and determine when you may need to take your car into a professional for service.

Catalytic Converter – If your catalytic converter becomes clogged or worn, this may cause problems with your vehicle’s ability to regulate harmful exhaust gases. The catalytic converter is responsible for converting harmful gases into less harmful elements before they are expelled into the environment. The catalytic converter will ultimately wear down, and you may notice a rattling noise while driving that indicates the need for a replacement. Problems accelerating can also indicate a clogged catalytic converter.

Rust – Components such as your muffler, or various pipes that make up your exhaust system can all become corroded and this can reduce their functionality or render the exhaust system completely inoperable.

If you are experiencing problems accelerating, excessive smoke coming from your tailpipe, or are noticing rattling noises as you drive, these are all indications that you may have a problem with your vehicle’s exhaust system. If you cannot determine the problem with a visual inspection, we invite you to bring your vehicle in to Saline Automotive Repair and let us take a look! We can diagnose any problems with your exhaust and repair or replace components as necessary. Give us a call at (734) 429-2886