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Clutch Repair Service near Ann Arbor, MI

Manual Transmissions use a clutch to change the gears, hence the word "manual." Sometimes, for high-end competition cars, a ceramic clutch is used to maximize efficiency. If you have a clutch in your car, you will have three pedals by your feet; the furthest one to the left is your clutch. Come get your clutch repair or replacement in Saline, MI near Ann Arbor, MI at a good price.

About Our Clutch Service Shop near Ann Arbor, MI

Our auto shop has been around since 2001, and we have the finest mechanics in town. Come get Saline, MI clutch repair service near Ann Arbor, MI. We provide service for both imports and domestics. Our ASE Certified Mechanics will be more than happy to help you out with good pricing on any repairs or services you might be requiring for your vehicle, so why wait?

Are you dealing with coolant contamination, a damaged axle, clutch sticking, a damaged fuel filter, a busted radiator, a failing fuel pump, a failed fuel filter, a damaged flywheel, a warped axle, transmission sticking, slipping transmission, transmission burning, a damaged transmission, tire misalignment, worn shocks, worn struts, a damaged transfer case, dirty oil, or other things of that nature? Come to Saline Auto. Our shop has not only clutch work, but other services as well. You won't get jilted by our mechanics; we make your satisfaction our number one priority.

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