Maintenance Services to Extend the Life of Your Car

Woman Bent Before an Overheated Engine.

Regular Car Maintenance Can Prevent Unfortunate Occurrences on the Road.

A car represents one of the largest investments that most people will ever make. In order to get the most value, you should perform all elements of scheduled service, along with a few maintenance particulars. Taking care of these projects in a timely manner will not only extend the life of your car, but save you money across future repair needs. At Saline Automotive Service, we heartily recommend the following car maintenance to extend the life of your vehicle.

Car Maintenance for Extended Service

Most modern vehicles are so dependable, that it becomes easy to forget maintenance needs. We simply hop in and drive, and take for granted that the car will continue to perform. Of course, years of neglect can wear down even the most dependable vehicle. To prevent this and conserve your car, or reverse the effects of wear, consider the following services.

  • Change Your Oil: While everyone knows that they should regularly change their oil, many people ignore or forget this requirement. Keep in mind, however, that neglect of your oil changes can shorten your engine’s life and contribute to its failure.
  • Change Your Filters: Another piece of necessary maintenance, changing your vehicle’s various filters will maintain the life of your engine.
  • Test Your Drive-Belt: A belt that is too tight will inflict unnecessary wear on other engine components, while a loose one will itself wear out at a much higher rate.
  • Clean Your Engine: A clean engine is a happy engine. As dirt and grime accumulate, your engine will run hotter, which increases the likelihood of sudden overheating and failure.
  • Balance Your Tires: Balanced tires wear evenly, which increases their lifespan and provides for a smoother ride.
  • Transmission Rebuild: If you have experienced problems with your transmission, a rebuild can reverse the decline and extend your vehicle’s life.

Of all these services, a complete transmission rebuild is the most involved job. However, it can also make the difference between more years of service, or the permanent retirement of your vehicle. Operational maintenance aside, other services, such as road force balancing, can help restore a vehicle’s overall comfort. For help with these or any of the aforementioned services, trust Saline Automotive Service for car maintenance in Saline and Ann Arbor, MI. To schedule an appointment or ask questions, don’t hesitate to call 734-429-2886 today.