How to Build a Car Emergency Kit

You never know when a flat tire or dead battery will leave you stranded somewhere, so it’s best to be prepared. Keeping a car emergency kit in your car is a smart and easy thing to do. Follow these tips to build your own car emergency kit.

Must-Have Items

car emergency kitWhile there is an endless list of things you could face while driving, you can’t prepare for all of them. However, you can at least be ready for common situations and some worst-case scenarios. No matter where you live or what kind of car you have, here are the 10 essential items to include in your car emergency kit:

– Flashlight
– Tire changing supplies (tire iron, spare tire, jack, and spare tire key if you have one)
– Jumper cables
– Emergency contact information such as AAA or your dealership
– Car insurance
– Car Manual
– Bottles of jug of water
– Emergency food such as energy bars
– First aid kit
– Towel or blanket

In addition to keeping these items in your vehicles, it is equally important that you know how to use them. You should also keep them in good shape (fresh batteries in the flashlight) and within reach.

Customizable Items

There are many other items you may deem essential, so add them to your car emergency kit. If you have a pet or child, you should keep food and water for them handy. Going on a road trip? Paper maps are important in case your phone or GPS dies. Winter season? Keep gloves, a hat, socks, an ice scraper, and other cold-weather items in your vehicle. You might also consider a fire-starter or matches, emergency flare, or space blanket.

When packing up your supplies, think about where and when you might need them. You don’t want to keep the first aid kit buried under everything else, and your flashlight and insurance should always be within reach.

While your car emergency kit can help you survive many situations, sometimes you need a professional mechanic. Call (734) 429-2886 for auto repair in Saline, MI by Saline Automotive.