Ball Joint Repair Service in Saline, MI

Ball Joint Repair Service in Saline, MI

Ann Arbor, MI Ball Joint Repair Service

The way ball joints work is similar to the human hip joint with their ball and socket design. The steering knuckle is connected to the connecting arm via the ball joints. They are usually only used in front suspension, but sometimes on higher end cars they are also used in the back. Come to Saline Auto Shop today for your repair needs near Ann Arbor, MI. Come to us for things such as Ball Joint service.

About Our Ball Joint Replacement Shop near Ann Arbor, MI

We have been around since 2001 and we have ASE Certified Mechanics that will provide you with the repair services you need such as ball joints. Transmission Rebuilding is another service that we offer here at our shop and get a good pricing. Are you interested in a free tire rotation? You can get one if you get your oil changed at our auto shop. Our mechanics service imports and domestics here. Come to Saline, MI for Ball Joint Replacement near Ann Arbor, MI today!

Are you experiencing things such as slipping clutch, clutch sticking, worn brakes, damaged transfer case, coolant contamination, blown head gasket, worn struts, worn shocks, bad battery, dead battery, worn ball joints, loud motor mount, malfunctioning electrical, car AC malfunctioning, dirty oil, rattling wheel bearing, or more? Come get Ball Joint Repair Service at Saline & Ann Arbor, MI.

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