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Saline, MI & Ann Arbor, MI - Brake Shoe Repair Service

Ann Arbor, MI Brake Shoe Repair Service

The job of the brake shoes is to carry the brake lining in drum brakes. If you hear a grinding noise when you apply the brakes this is one sign of worn brake shoes. Come get your brake shoe repair service in Saline, MI near Ann Arbor, MI. Get a good pricing deal today at our car service shop. Why wait until it is too late for your brakes?

About Our Brake Shoes Shop

We have been around since 2001 and we have ASE Certified Mechanics to provide your brake shoe service. We service both domestics and imports. Come get a free tire rotation with your oil change here. Get your Saline, MI Brake Shoe Services met near Ann Arbor, MI. We also do transmission rebuilding.

Are you dealing with other problems such as engine rod knocking, blown head gasket, coolant contamination, slipping timing belt, dead car battery, malfunctioning car air conditioning, broken water pump, worn brake pads, stalling engine, engine overheating, worn shocks, worn struts, excessive suspension swaying, stuck thermostat, loud motor mounts, damaged fuel filter, broke fuel pump, dirty oil, or something else like that? Come to us for your brake shoe needs. Come to Saline Auto Shop for our excellent mechanics who provide the best car fixes.

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