4 Warning Signs That It’s Time To Fix You Car’s A/C

Car A/C

Unsure If Your Car A/C Is Broken? Here Are Some Warning Signs To Look For!

Since we are about to hit higher temperatures, it is important to have a car A/C that works. Unfortunately, there will be times when our car’s A/C will need to be repaired, but knowing what warning signs to look for can help you in the long run.

No Cold Air

This is a pretty obvious, but worth mentioning; if your car A/C quits blowing cold air, there might be a problem. You might need something simple like more refrigerant or a fan might be damaged. Either way, taking your car in as soon as you have a problem is the best line of defense.

Foul Odors

When you turn on your car and the A/C starts to smell bad, you will want to take care of the issue as soon as possible. Foul odors coming from the car A/C can be due to mold, which if not taken care of immediately, could lead to respiratory problems.

Strange Noises

Our cars tend to make a bit of noise when we are driving, but if you hear banging or rattling coming from your car’s A/C, that should be looked at right away. The issue could be something clogging up the unit or a part of the A/C is worn out and needs to be replaced.

Water Puddles

When you run your car’s A/C, water should drain from the bottom of your car. If, however, you are getting water puddles inside your car, you will need to take your car immediately.

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