Tips for Buying a Vehicle Online

Over the past few years more people are buying cars online. As with anything you purchase online there are risks that come with that purchase. Here are some tips for how to avoid auto fraud and scammers when purchasing a vehicle online.

Do your Research

Online auto scammers will lure victims with an incredible or cheap deal for a car. You’ll want to do some research to find out what a typical vehicle your looking to purchase sells for in its condition and with its mileage. If the images on the post have missing or blurred license plates that’s usually an indication of a scam. Also order a vehicle history report. By ordering a vehicle history report, you can check if there has been any damage to the vehicle and if the registration matches the seller’s name. Also try to get the seller on the phone. If the seller avoids talking on the phone and keeps making excuse for it, that’s a red flag for a scam. If the deal seems too good to be true, it’s best to avoid it.

Never Make a Wire Payment

If a seller asks for a wire transfer as payment that’s a tell tale sign of auto fraud. Reputable car dealers never ask for a wire transfer. If a seller ask for a wire transfer as payment, request another form of payment. If they insist on a wire transfer don’t deal with them. Once the money is gone from a wire transfer, it can’t be recovered.